How to Groom and Cut a Yorkie’s Hair

How to give your dog a professional-quality  groom from the privacy  of your home…If you are now the proud owner of a new Yorkshire Terrier in your home and need some grooming tips, one key thing to keep in mind is that the grooming of your Yorkie does not start with either a brush nor a bathtub.  Believe it or not it begins with their food dish with quite possibly their name embedded on the side of it.  Feeding your Yorkie properly so that your dog‘s coat reveals a shiny and silky texture is one of this breed’s most appealing aspects.  All of the latest and greatest tips on grooming your pet’s coat will mean basically nothing if it is not in the absolute best tip top shape it can be in.  Be sure to ask your Yorkie’s breeder or your veterinarian about any vitamins you can supplement along with a healthy diet to make that coat silky smooth.

While you are doing the above to get your dog’s hair into tip top condition, you will still be faced with nearly daily cutting and grooming sessions unless you choose a hairstyle that simply trims its hair to a much shorter length.  Who ever thought that one needed to consider a canine’s hairstyle?!

Your little Yorkie will absolutely love the attention you lovingly lather on him when you invest the high quality time to groom your loved one right at home.  There are articles and ebooks online for starters that cover the A-Z of cutting and grooming your precious little Yorkie.  These will include tips on trimming their nails (which dogs love oh so much!), cleaning his ears, clipping his hair, cleaning his eyes, complete skin and coat care and don’t forget brushing his teeth.  Your dog is really starting to sound human about now!

While learning how to cut and groom Yorkshire Terriers does not require you to hold a PhD, it does require you to use common sense and stick to a daily commitment to brushing him with the right kind of brush.  The most simple yet basic Yorkshire Terrier grooming tip is that you must brush your Yorkie every day with a brush that is designed to hold your dog’s loose hair rather than letting it fall onto you or the dog’s surroundings.

Even though your Yorkie does not have the undercoat which makes for shedding in so many other various breeds of dogs, its long hair will become increasingly impossible to untangle without that daily brushing commitment.  Another grooming tip is that when you are bathing your little dog in a sink, be sure to watch for falling loose hair that can end up clogging the drain.

While grooming your Yorkie yourself is wonderful, you should also be making visits to a professional dog groomer, at which time your Yorkie can be pampered with one of the latest Yorkshire Terrier hairstyles, toenail trims and an ear hair clipping session.
A professional groomer will also carefully trim the hair on your doggie’s back end, for reasons which are obvious. Now you have all the basic Yorkshire terrier grooming tips!

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