Where to Find Yorkiepoo Puppies

The Yorkiepoo, which is also known by another name of the Yorkiedoodle, is a mixture of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle.  You can obtain any variety of characteristics that are found in these gorgeous breeds of dogs.  Not every hybrid dog that is being bred is both fifty percent purebred with fifty percent purebred.  It is actually quite common for dog breeders to mix with multiple generational crosses.

When you are ready to start your search to look for your special Yorkiepoo, you must be sure to ask the breeders exactly what type of hybrid they have bred.  The word hybrid basically just implies the offspring of dissimilar genetic parents of animals, in this case of course referring to mixed bred canines.  Hybrid dogs are also known as designer dogs and are becoming more and more popular.

Yorkiepoos are in general very happy, fun-loving dogs that are fantastic with children. They are quite smart and can learn tricks with ease especially when doggie treats are involved!  Given a range of one to ten, where ten is the most active or hyper of dogs such as a Jack Russell Terrier, Yorkiepoos will normally fall right about in the five to eight range.  In other words if you are wanting a snugglie lap dog whose favorite hobby is napping, this may not be the best pet for you.

So where does someone find a Yorkiepoo puppy these days?  Years ago I would have had to say that would mostly have come from word of mouth, neighbors, friends or perhaps classified ads in the local newspapers.  That is not to say those ways have become extinct; however in the computer age we all find ourselves living in to some degree or another, many ways of locating Yorkiepoo puppies will be found online.

A simple Google search beginning with something such as “where do I find Yorkiepoo puppies?” is a good place to start.  From there you will want to narrow your search down by your state and of course the closer the town is to where you reside, the better.  If you like taking long drives in your car or motorcycle or other favorite mode of transportation, then you are leaving yourself far more options than by just sticking to your own town.  Most if not all websites online will show you pictures of individual Yorkiepoos for sale, when they were born, what gender they are (prices vary between males and females and the males seem to be less expensive).

Of course online is not the only place to find your new Yorkiepoo puppy.  People still do advertise in the local newspapers, advertise through offline marketing such as through postcards, place flyers at different stores and sell them at some pet stores depending on where you live.  Online directories can help you locate the above suggestions as well as the actual, physical phonebook that only a rare few people still use these days-they do still use them don’t they?  Ok I admit it…I do!

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