A Brief Overview Of Puppies

A Brief Overview Of Puppies

A puppy is a child dog. It is very small. Some puppies have a small weight of 1-3 lb. A larger puppy can have a weight of 15-23 lb. The healthy puppy grows after their birth. The coat color of the puppies changes as they become older. It is common in the breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier. According to the English dictionary puppies means dogs and pup is used for the other mammals such as seals, giraffes, rats or guinea pigs. They are born after 63 days in their mother’s womb on an average.

Often they are eaten by their mother. They need care immediately after born. If there are more than six puppies then one or more are runts. The runts need mother care and proper nourishment though human involvement in hand feeding is there. When the puppies are of one month they can eat solid food. They are much trained about this at this time. The mother provides them partly digested food or she may allow them to eat some of the solid foods. It is the normal trend of the dogs.

When the puppies are of seven weeks old they do not depend on anyone for nursing or food. Although they insist their mother for nursing but their mother usually refuses at this age. She occasionally does the nursing for her kid’s comfort. The puppies spend their time largely by sleeping and the rest by feeding. They like to be piled together into a heap. They feel unhappy if they are separated from each other.

They want physical contact of their littermates even in the short distance. Puppies have a good sense of smell but they cannot open their eyes. After the first two weeks their senses develop rapidly. Puppies have functional sense of smell from the beginning. The sense develops during the first two weeks of their born. In this stage their nose acts as the primary sense organ. They use this to find their mother’s teats and they locate their litter mates when they are separated by the short distance.

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