House Training a Yorkie- 4 Tips on House Training a Yorkie

House training a Yorkie can be a hassle and frustrating. Especially when your dog doesn’t listen to what you say. So, what I’m going to do is share with you some tips on house training a Yorkie. That way, you will be able to train your Yorkie the easy way.

The tips on house training a Yorkie are:

1. Reward Good Behavior. Whenever your Yorkie does something good, be sure to give them a treat. Yorkshire Terriers love to eat treats. This will encourage good behavior. You don’t have to give them a treat every time, but be sure to give them one whenever you teaching them something new.

2. Discipline Bad Behavior. If you Yorkie potties in the house or is fiesty, you may want to spank them. Don’t spank them hard or do anything too harsh, just a gently tap will do. This will let your dog know that you won’t tolerate that kind of behavior. This is effective when house training a Yorkie.

3. Praise Your Dog. During the time you don’t give your dog a treat when they’ve done something good, you should praise them. This will get them excited. Yorkies are smart and they understand when they’ve done something good. So make sure you praise your dog.

4. Minimize Distractions. When trying to house train a Yorkie, be sure to minimize the distractions. There shouldn’t be too many people or other animals around. Yorkies get distracted easily.

These are some tips on house training a Yorkie. If you are serious about training your dog, you should do something about it now. Be sure to use these tips to house train your dog. It might take you a while, unless you use proven techniques to train your Yorkie.

Tony Smith

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3 Responses to House Training a Yorkie- 4 Tips on House Training a Yorkie

  1. Isabelle Rose says:

    House Training Tips for Yorkie Puppy (14 weeks old)?
    I need some tips. I’ve never house trained a dog before.
    We are trying to use the "crate" method. I’ve been taking her out every now and then. She peed outside a few minutes ago, and I praised her. I still need tips though to make sure I’m doing it right.

  2. Alfirin06 says:

    Throughout the night you need to take her out every 3 hours (at least I did that with my puppy and she learnt very quickly in just over a week). Watch her after she eats and drinks,if she looks like she’s going to go,scoop her up and take her outside,make sure you praise her when she goes to the toilet outside. If she make a mess in the house but you didn’t see her do it don’t punish her,she won’t understand-you have to catch her in the act! It takes some time and a lot of patience but its worth it.
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