Humane And Extremely Effective Goose Management For Professional And Non Commercial Property

Barring powerful goose management measures, geese prefer huge inland bodies of water. They’re typically identified around lakes, reservoirs, huge ponds, near rivers and seashores. The reason becoming is the fact that geese are herbivorous and feed on aquatic vegetation, grasses, seeds, grain, and berries. They may be also creatures of instinct and habit, usually returning to the venue where they had been born. When adult geese molt their flight feathers (for about 3 to four weeks within the summer), they are flightless and can turn into rather annoying. In the absence of predators (like foxes and coyotes), geese have turn into really prolific, particularly in urban regions.

With no a workable goose management method, invading flocks of geese will commandeer an region, developing really a mess. This includes feathers, nesting supplies and, naturally, smelly, disease-carrying droppings. Deposited in ponds, lakes as well as other bodies of water, goose droppings can contaminate these as well as other regions of parks, golf courses and company parks. An adult goose can leave as much as a pound and a half of droppings behind – each day! Geese will also eat holes in lawns and shrubbery, denuding gardens and farm crops, and creating for some quite unhappy property owners.

Lastly, as a lot of people have read or heard on the news, geese can present a true security hazard around airports. In some situations, these collisions have truly downed the aircraft, that is what happened to US Airways Airbus after a flock of geese disabled both engines, forcing it to land within the Hudson River. It is no wonder goose management measures are now essential at several airports.

There are several goose management measures that may be implemented to management or disperse geese; an knowledgeable professional will know what’s finest for each and every scenario. Numerous organizations supply some of today’s most powerful and humane goose management strategies. They incorporate:


There are goose repellents that may be sprayed on or over grass and vegetation to keep geese off of lawns, golf courses, out of parks and more. Geese come onto these regions to graze on grass, usually leaving a considerable mess behind. Most goose repellents are produced with all the active ingredient methyl anthranilate, a grape extract that bothers a goose’s mucous membrane. When geese go to feed from treated regions, they’re going to understand there is certainly no longer a food supply, and move onto a greater spot. Goose repellents are excellent for use on athletic fields, corporate parks, golf courses, courtyards, backyards as well as other regions where grazing geese have turn into an issue. Normally repellents will final around 3 months. Firms can setup a service schedule to ensure that the geese don’t come back after the repellent wears off. There are two approaches goose repellents can be utilised to disperse geese; by spraying plants and grass regions directly, or by fogging the repellent into the region with a thermal fogger. When utilizing repellents it’s important to ensure they are non-toxic and secure for use in regions that humans or animals frequent. .

Barriers and Decoys

Geese usually choose regions which can be secure and effortless to access. 1 method to deter geese from entering properties would be to make the region much less attractive by altering the environment. If a threat within the region is perceived, or an region is hard to access, geese will typically move on. Two in the most common techniques utilised recently are the placement of coyote decoys and installation of “gull wire”. Coyote decoys can be strategically placed around a property to scare off geese. Utilizing decoys is a tried and accurate approach that when placed appropriately, can be an affordable repair to a goose issue. A “Gull Wire” – is a low wire fence utilised to discourage geese from entering a property. The wire is typically suspended between poles several feet off the ground. Wire fences are a low profile resolution to blocking geese from a property.

Sound Deterrents

Sound deterrents can also be utilised to deter goose populations. The appeal of utilizing a sound deterrent is the fact that they’re able to cover huge regions – aces in fact. Numerous goose management organizations perform with goose deterrents that play recorded predator and goose distress calls. A distress contact is what geese send to one another when there is certainly danger within the region, when geese hear the sounds, they’re going to take off for safer ground.

Population Control

If other strategies fail, property owners may consider population management. Although Canada Geese are listed as a protected species below the Federal Migratory Bird Act, certain organizations can acquire permits to implement techniques to management goose populations. OVO Control for instance is a widespread goose birth management that may be utilised to decrease future goose populations. OVO management will not harm geese; it is fed within the type of a grain so that you can make their eggs infertile. Egg addling is yet another type of goose “birth control” that involves creating goose eggs infertile after they have been laid. For additional information on Canadian goose control visit or if you are searching for advise on goose control click here.

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