Preventing Bad Dog Breath in a Pet

Just like people, a dog can also have bad breath or bad dog breath because of bad mouth cleanliness and other medical problems. Bad breath in dogs can be due to bad teeth conditions or a medical condition. The best way to determine the type of treatment needed to get rid of a dog’s bad breath is to have a veterinarian examine the pet.

If a vet determines that it is not a medical condition that is causing a dog’s bad breath, prevention is the next step. Pet owners need to begin a regular mouth hygiene while a pet is still a baby dog. Beginning a regular mouth hygiene while young will aid a baby dog become used to the cleaning routine and can aid prevent the growth of gum illness. Disease in a dog’s gums is a top cause of bad breath household pets.

Some materials required to keep a puppy’s mouth clean include a dog brush, dog oral paste, and a dry towel. Toothpaste for humans should not be used since these may have chemicals that may harm pets. For a pet’s brush, there are pet toothbrushes available in mini, dual-ended or as finger brushes.

When a pet owner starts brushing a pet’s teeth, the pet may not like his or her teeth being scrubbed. The pet owner will just need to gently get the pet used to the process. Scrubbing can start first by using the owner’s fingers to slowly rub the pet’s gums. Then a dry cloth can be used to rub off the pieces from the pet’s teeth. When the pet gets used to its teeth being brushed, the pet owner can then gently use a real brush that fits the size of the pet’s mouth, until the pet gets used to the brushing process.

There are also oral chews available that are highly effective in preventing the development of bad dog breath. Dog dental chews remove tartar and plaque on teeth. To choose the appropriate oral chew, a pet owner must find a piece that is twice the size of their pet’s mouth.It would aid to read the different reviews available on the net and in advetisements to choose the suited oral chew recommended for the pet type an owner has.

A dog should have a regular veterinarian visit to keep its mouth clean, A pet owner should ensure the vet checks the dog to see if it has cavities or any dental problems as well.

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