The Yorkiepoo, which is also known by the other slightly similar names such as Yo-Yopoo or Yorkiedoodle is a mix of both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle.  In trying to determine the possible temperament of a mixed bred dog, the best advice would be to research all the breeds in the mix.  You can obtain any variety of characteristics that are found in these gorgeous breeds of dogs.  Not every hybrid dog that is being bred is both fifty percent purebred with fifty percent purebred.  It is actually quite common for dog breeders to mix with multiple generational crosses.

When you are ready to start your search to look for your Yorkiepoo, you must be sure to ask the breeders exactly what type of hybrid they breed.  The word hybrid basically just means the offspring of dissimilar genetic parents of animals, in this case of course referring to mixed bred dogs.  Hybrid dogs are also known as designer dogs and are becoming very popular.  In a nutshell a hybrid canine is not a particular breed; it is a mixture of more than one purebred dog.

If you are not feeling quite right about the temperament or disposition of one of the purebreds that are included in the mix and not quite sure it will mesh with you or your family’s lifestyle and environment, then more than likely that hybrid canine is not a good choice for you.  Don’t make the mistake others have made and gamble on the hope that the dog will end up looking just like the others.  Choosing a dog or any pet for that matter simply based on its looks is an unintelligent way to pick your pet.  Easier said than done-some animals especially cute little dogs are just almost too cute to resist!

Since the main combination of a Yorkiepoo is both Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle, knowing a bit about both can be helpful in understanding them a bit better.  The Yorkshire Terrier is a very small and light-weight dog weighing in at usually less than just seven pounds.  Yorkies are known for being both great companions as well as being quite popular in dog shows.  Yorkies are known as hypoallergenic dogs who shed very little such as when being brushed or bathed, which is a very good thing for those with dog allergies.   Though they are small they tend not to be lap dogs and would rather be quite active, yet are loyal and affectionate especially in their first couple of years.

The Poodle comes in a variety of sizes and weights (miniature, toy and standard).  They are also considered to be hypoallergenic dogs although not completely free of allergens.  Poodles are also quite active and get bored pretty easily thus becoming mischievous.  Poodles are definitely out to please and are quite people-oriented.  They also tend to be very good with children.

The Yorkie-meets-Poodle combination (aka Yorkiepoo) seems to be a very good mixing of two breeds of dogs that are intelligent, hypoallergenic, loving, active and aim to please their owners.

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